Some of our projects in RSE:



Integrated Dynamic Decision Support System Component for Disaster Management Systems

Decision support system for disaster control which 1) can react quickly and dynamically to changing situations during disaster events and 2) supports the handling of new disasters.


Advanced Adaptivity and Exception Handling in Formal Business Process Models

Efficient business processes are the key to corporate success. The aim of this research project is therefore to supplement process-oriented systems with adaptive and improved exception handling and to be able to react flexibly to unexpected situations. This not only makes it easier to model the processes through variant management, but also leads to flexible and robust systems.


Behavioural Theory and Logics for Distributed Adaptive Systems

The aim of this basic research project is to develop a solid basis for the formal description of distributed parallel systems. This basis enables the verification of important aspects of such systems such as reliability, robustness and failure safety.

This basis helps, for example, to optimally control the contributions of autonomous systems to a common task or to compensate failures by integrating a new system.

Process Analysis

For industrial projects

Processes are the core of an enterprise and describe the interconnection of tasks in daily business. Modelling, analysis and improvement of processes have been major research topics over the past decades and have been in the focus of research and industrial projects at the Software Competence Center Hagenberg in recent years.