Process Analysis

For industrial projects

The classical approach for identification of processes is to conduct interviews, observe the course of action and to draw samples. The results are gathered with a huge amount of effort and, nevertheless, represent in many cases more the de jure (should) than the de facto (is) process (exact data regarding execution frequency and duration are missing).
The basic idea of process mining is to detect, monitor and improve real processes via extraction of knowledge from event logs. Events thereby refer to a multiplicity of actions in a company. With respect to the analysed application domain, events can refer e.g. to executing a financial transaction, receiving an electronic product request, screwing metal parts or calling a method in a software component.

The data, which is used for process analysis, generally already exists in the company, e.g., as event logs of machines or collected and processed in data bases. These data are analysed and connected with each other. The resulting knowledge about the actual course of action in a company implementation of software systems, performance analyses and process improvements, checking adherence to processes, as well as process monitoring and simulation.

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