Research in RSE

Simplify the BPMN Specification

Ontology available

The main purpose of the BPMN 2.0 ontology is the use of a knowledge-base. The BPMN specification which covers 550 pages needs in the ontology only about 260 classes which describe the respective restrictions. Additionally the ontology could be used for the inspection of the syntactic correctness of specific BPMN models. Here you can download the ontology for free.  


Fundamental Research

The project HOLS (Higher-Order Logics and Structures) focuses on the interaction between formal languages and structures.

Hagenberg Business Process Modeling Method

Based on BPMN

In the context of the project Vertical Model Integration (VMI), a team of the SCCH developped a business process modeling method, based on BPMN  but going far beyond. As a first result, the BPMN 2.0 standard has been purified and a rigorous specification of the semantics of BPMN process diagrams has been established, based on the Abstract State Machine (ASM) method.

New tool available

SCCH Process ANT

The aim of the technical process analysis (process mining) is to detect, monitor and improve real processes via extraction of knowledge from event logs. Events thereby refer to a multiplicity of actions in a company. SCCH has developed a new tool for process analysis.

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