(Good) Data as the basis for KI

Review Software Research Day

At the 5th of June the Software Research Day took place. The main topics was about quality. Quality in different fields like quality in data, IT security, the reliability of predictions and forecasts, and the quality of the performance of models for deep learning and artificial intelligence.

At the Software Research Day,  politics, research and economy met 
DI Christian Hinterdorfer (RUBBLE MASTER), CEO SCCH Dr. Klaus Pirklbauer, LH Stv. Dr. Michael Strugl, CSO SCCH Prof. Dr. A Min Tjoa and Rainer Kargel (Pixelrunner).

Actively shaping the digital change

"Artificial intelligence will have a major impact on the next decade and will have an enormous influence on important topics such as industrial production in relation to industry 4.0, logistics and mobility, the energy sector and the health system," explained LH-Stv. Dr. Michael Strugl, from the Upper Austrian government, in his welcoming speech. Digitisation is an essential part of the strategic programme "Innovative Upper Austria 2020" as a cross-cutting theme, in particular with the two focal points artificial intelligence and information security. In the field of artificial intelligence, SCCH is an essential cornerstone in Upper Austria's research landscape," emphasized LH-Stv. Dr. Michael Strugl. The successful interim evaluation of the COMET K1 centre took place in the spring. This extended the funding period to another 4 years with a total project volume of around 20 million euros.

Quality as a basis

SCCH does research in the fields of efficient data analysis and the development of high-quality software. The rapid development and digitization of the last decades has led to an enormous increase in complexity in the software. Software gets bigger and bigger when one compares the software for the navigation of the first moon mission (11,000 lines of code) with current software in modern luxury cars (100 million lines of code) shows this development. In addition, software is being used in increasingly important components that require special quality, such as medical technology or industrial controls. "The enormous size and complexity of applications as well as the configurability and increasing demands on quality pose a great challenge for quality monitoring.
Data is also a prerequisite for the successful use of artificial intelligence (AI) because it is the basis for learning these systems," says Dr. Klaus Pirklbauer, SCCH's CEO. Prof. Dr. A Min Tjoa, the CSO of SCCH adds: "With regard to artificial intelligence, there are still many topics, especially quality topics that need to be researched for a broad application of AI". For example, how can you test AI systems when they are "fed" with new, unknown data? How can you develop trusted, secure AI systems or how can you prevent AI systems from being hacked over manipulated data?

SCCH sets specific priorities

In addition to Software Science, the Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH focuses in particular on the topics Smart Data Analytics and Deep Learning.

Companies showed innovations

RUBBLE MASTER digitizes its crushing and screening plants

DI Christian Hinterdorfer from RUBBLE MASTER presented how crushing and screening plants become "smart". Maintenance strategies and operations are optimized through predictive maintenance and intelligent data analysis. Malfunctions are recognized, quickly localized and eliminated and operating parameters are optimized for the respective application. RUBBLE MASTER opens up a new world of possibilities for digital services and future product generations, based on the latest technologies from predictive maintenance to deep learning. www.rubblemaster.com

Pixelrunner - Innovation from Hagenberg

Rainer Kargel introduced the Pixelrunner, the world's first landscape printer. It prints logos and images (up to 50 m² per minute) directly onto the substrate - in any desired size, whether on grass, snow or asphalt. The colours are harmless and comply with ecological standards.

Rainer Kargel introduced the Pixelrunner at the Start-Up corner