Innovative Start-ups

At Software Research Day

AVISystems GmbH

AVISystems works in functional safety and artificial intelligence. They call their developed products Safe AI. Their product spectrum extends from autonomous driving and driving assistance systems to Industry 4.0 (the smart factory). The company sets benchmarks in high-security video transmission, AI and sensor fusion. 

Different Star-ups howed their expertise at the Software Research Day


7LYTIX deepRetail is retailer software that merges data science and the latest methods of artificial intelligence (e.g., machine learning, deep learning, neural networks) to compute accurate prognoses.

Tributech Solutions GmbH

The Tributech Solutions product Data Access Kit provides a solution for simple and direct interchange of verified machine data among various partners (e.g., retailers and customers) and thus serves as the basis for the development of digital added-value chains.


The developers of TrueSize are researching a type of AI to make them the best in detection, reconstruction and measurement of human bodies. This enables groundbreaking global measurement of exact body measurement data.

Smatricity GmbH

Smartricity is a machine learning based platform solution for energy efficiency in private homes. Based on a small amount of data on appliances and demography, a free Web App informs users where energy hogs are hiding, how much they cost the user per year, how much users can save by purchasing an energy-efficient new appliance, and how long amortization will take.


The solution by INNOSPOT enables an AI-supported worldwide search for startups based on their technologies, products or services. A dedicated database encompassing ca. 450,000 startups maps the worldwide startup landscape. Search technology supported by NLP enables detailed search for content. Analysts curate the search results and present a portfolio that is tailored to the customer’s requirements.