Insight research

For pupils during the holidays

Software for the tourism branch and decision support for winter mountain sports fans

Students at the HTL (technical college) for Information Technology in Ybbs/Donau completed their internships at SCCH under the program “Talents: Internships for Students 2014”, which was funded by the Austrian Association for the Promotion of Research (FFG) and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transportation, Industry and Technology BMVIT. In the SCCH area Data Analysis Systems, Lisa Steiner and Sebastian Eder actively supported researchers in the SCCH projects insightTourism and VMI 4.0.


Lisa Steiner, Dr. Mario Pichler and Sebastian Eder.

“I was responsible for transforming structural equation models into Bayesian networks. We need this in order to conduct interactive analyses of mutually related factors (e.g., influences on vacation decisions). The results contributed to the scientific basis for the project. I am pleased to have learned a lot and gained experience,” reports Lisa Steiner.

Sebastian Eder developed an Android app for estimating avalanche risk outdoors. This involved collecting avalanche know-how from books to derive a formal model (a Bayesian network), which in turn is used by the app for assessing the risk of an avalanche. The app implements an interactive version of the avalanche decision strategy “Stop or Go” of the Austrian Alpine Association. “I was happy to develop concrete software. Later I hope to work in software development or network technology,” explains Sebastian Eder.