Missing female researchers - empty chairs

Campaign #nothere

The Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH) wants to inspire more women for software research and starts the campaign #nothere and invites female students and researchers for an internship.

At the moment, the female portion at SCCH is 17%, which corresponds to that of the relevant studies, such as computer science, data science, mathematics, statistics or related fields. However, we want to increase the proportion of women significantly. We want to occupy the empty chairs and therefore offer internships at SCCH. Part of the internship can be completed with one of our scientific partners," says Dr. Klaus Pirklbauer.

Looking across the borders

SCCH would like to contribute to the active exchange of knowledge and experience between research and development institutions across national borders. Building on existing programmes, SCCH offers the opportunity to intensify research contacts and gain experience at other research organisations.

Internships at home and abroad

The internships take place at SCCH and provide an insight into research in the fields of data science and software science. Participation in the 1-3 month internships is possible at any time. A special bonus is that some of them can also be completed abroad with our scientific partners. This can be the case, for example, at the University of Edinburgh or the University of Prague. Thanks to our international network, we can offer internships at various partner institutes ", explains Pirklbauer.

Applications are possible at any time