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The future of industry 4.0

"In the future, we will focus on the subject of modeling, with a special focus on the modeling language," said Dr. Schewe, SCCH scientific director. Industry 4.0 and Systems Engineering work closely together, because Industry 4.0 needs the perfect communication between the individual systems. In addition, the data flows must run optimally without human intervention. In order to achieve this, the products and the production processes have to be modeled in such a way that they can be processed verifiably.

The challenge is to describe the modeled systems in a formally comprehensible manner. "The methods of system engineering are already being used, among other things, in bridge construction, robotics or software integration," Schewe explains.

Scientific expansion

Through the close cooperation with its scientific partners, the research quality at the highest level is guaranteed at the SCCH. "We maintain numerous contacts with our scientific partners at home and abroad. In 2016, we also hosted two international conferences in Linz and thus increased our international visibility." Schewe says. In May 2017, the "Software Research Day" is planned, It will also focus on the subject of industry 4.0.