New app facilitates organization of events


One event with many tasks

In advance of a conference or business event, organizers face many challenges, including collecting information about speakers, compiling and maintaining the agenda, and managing information about sponsors and exhibitors.

Use mobile event apps to generate added value

“Many event managers seem to believe that a mobile event app alone represents a benefit or added value for event participants; you only need to enter an agenda and a bit of text – that’s all. Unfortunately it is not that simple. An event app alone is no benefit; it is merely a tool for achieving certain goals. Only when an event app is used properly and tuned properly to the requirements of the target group do mobile event apps provide added value for event participants,” explains Chris Derwein of evntogram. “This is precisely the service that we provide. We determine the goals of the event, plan the use of a mobile event app, and together with our customer we create a mobile event concept,” says Derwein.

Interactive options as incentive for participants

A new element of many event apps is gamification, the integration of game-like elements into conferences. Various types of games create incentives for participants to actively participate in the event. In their presentations, speakers can provide questions for the audience to answer via the app. Correct answers earn the participants points that are combined into a ranking. Additional benefits include finding new business contacts based on interests and networking directly via Xing and Twitter. The first large-scale deployment will be at the conference ÜberallAPP ( in Vienna.

Smart software in the background

The basis of the Bizzify system ( is a collection of intelligent services provided by a server backend. These services enable an event manager to organize agendas, enter information, and evaluate suggestions and feedback for speakers. Information about an event are coupled via a semantic graph database and can be evaluated via intelligent queries. In the development of a recommendation engine, evntogram and SCCH worked in close cooperation to incorporate the latest technologies and scientific results. Thus in the future reasonable recommendations for a personalized agenda for speakers, contacts or even participants can be offered.