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Project proKNOW

The goal is to develop and adapt methods for fusion and evaluation of data from different sources (sensors, raw material parameters, etc.) and to support detailed process analysis and optimization in industrial applications. Methods of data mining, machine learning, causal inference and probabilistic closure are used and developed further and enable the integration of incomplete, unreliable and ambiguous data.

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P&T Connected: P&T Connected (PTC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Plasser & Theurer Beteiligungs- und Verwaltungs-GesmbH. PTC develops a condition monitoring system for machines for the construction and maintenance of railway tracks. This data, which is obtained via sensors on the machines, is made available to the customers by means of a simple, platform-independent interface. Condition monitoring is made up of three areas: statistical methods, physical models and the hardware component. It is based on a regular or permanent recording of the machine condition by measuring and analysing physical quantities. Two goals are pursued here: increasing safety and machine efficiency.

Greiner Packaging: Greiner Packaging (GPI) is one of the leading European manufacturers of plastic packaging in the food and non-food sector. The globally active company has an efficient network in 19 countries worldwide. This benefits both major international customers and national customers. True to the motto "from the idea to the finished product", Greiner Packaging accompanies its customers throughout the entire product development process of innovative plastic packaging. The company stands for high competence in development, design, production and decoration.

Further projects in the area of Data Analysis Systems (DAS)