Officially opened

At the 13th of October

During the official program the objectives of the project were presented and referred to the clear benefits of the project for the industry . " Process Analytics helps companies to optimize the cost of processing time, resources and energy.  That encourages the competitiveness of the industrial location Upper Austria," says lead manager Robert Holzer of the RECENDT GmbH.

LR Mag . Doris Hummer stressed the importance of research in the province of Upper Austria

4 years - 19 partners - 6.7 million EUR budget

 Impacts" is a project of the " Austrian research network for process analysis " (PAC) . This has formed out of the previous project " PAC " (Process Analytical Chemistry) . The project entitled " Impacts " stands for " Industrial Methods for Process Analytical Chemistry - From Measurement Technologies to Information Systems " . Over the next four years, new process analytical measurement techniques will be developed for the optimization of production processes . The measurements obtained are used for the optimization of process modeling and can thus be transferred to the possible self-sufficient , autonomous control and optimization of production processes in process control systems . 11 corporate partners and 8 academic partners work together in the project, which has a budget of 6.7 million euros for the term of 4 years.

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