RTO Innovation Summit

Expanding the scientific network

SCCH was represented by Mario Pichler who introduced the SCCH research topics and main fields of interest. 

The RTO Innovation Summit was structured around 5 Horizon Europe Themes:

  • Climate, Energy, and Mobility
  • Digital & Industry
  • Food & Natural Resources
  • Inclusive and Secure Society
  • Health.

Important upcoming research topics

  • Autonomous driving (inspiring talk by TomTom)
  • Circular economy
  • Prescriptive algorithms -> asking the question: "How can we make it happen?"
  • Maintenance: utilization of unstructured data -> NLP + AI
  • Analytics on the edge -> Analytics/Prediction directly on the machine
  • Cybersecurity for remote machine control & maintenance
  • Energy: sector integration - modes of energy use: transport, buildings, ...
  • Explainable AI, regulations
  • Distributed AI (because of communication and algorithmic latencies) -> directly at edge nodes (machines) & hierarchical learning(at sensor, local/global cloud)
  • Privacy preservation in AI/ML
  • Combination of data-driven & knowledge-driven approaches
  • IoT & M2M communcation data: not more available in North America because of de-industrialization and not yet approached in China ->  big chance for Europe