Software is an important part of the Chain of Innovation

15th anniversary

Celebrate the past but not the future

"We should not celebrate the past of SCCH, but its future," said Dr. Erich Peter Klement, the current director of Software Park Hagenberg. “The SCCH and the Softwarepark Hagenberg  is a prime example of a well-functioning Chain of Innovation. Research, education and the economy can develop their unique innovation in the Softwarepark. One of the current research focus in Upper Austria is Industry 4.0.", said Mag.a Doris Hummer, representative of the regional government.

LR Mag. Doris Hummer

Importance for the economy

Dr. Peter Hamberger, Vice President Research & Development Siemens Austria, stressed how important it is for companies to obtain research results that are immediately practicable. "Within the multi-firm projects - these are research projects with several companies – we expect a strong exchange of information between the companies. The collaboration with centers of excellence is good for the early phase of a research project and it is important for us to establish long-term research-cooperation," said Hamberger. For the Rector of the Johannes Kepler University (JKU), Dr. Richard Haglauer, cooperation with the companies is very is important. Important is the quality of the research projects and that the interests of the company coincide with the interests of the researchers," says Hagelauer. 


Dr. Peter Hamberger, Dr. Peter Burgholzer, Mag. Kathrin Kühtreiber-Leitner, Dr. Gustav Pomberger, Dr. Erich Peter Klement, Dr. Klaus-Dieter Schewe, Dr. Wilfried Enzenhofer, Dr. Klaus Pirklbauer, LR Mag. Doris Hummer, Dr. Richard Hagelauer

Enthusiasm for research

" We have a female share of 12 % , but the wish to increase this number. It is very important for us to inspire even more women for the software research . Therefore, we make use of every opportunity such as The Long Night of Research or the Girls Study Day to present the SCCH, " said Dr. Klaus Pirklbauer, the commercial director of the SCCH.