PhD-student for CISC project (m/w/d)

Europe is a global leader in academic research of human-centric artificial intelligence. In order to further improve Europe's position, SCCH, together with its European partners, is starting the CISC (Collaborative Intelligence for Safety Critical systems) project. Its collaborative intelligence framework will allow 14 world-class AI researchers to gain interdisciplinary skills, get employed with the industrial players and apply their research in practice.


You are

  • motivated to pursue a PhD degree specialising in "Reinforcement Learning approach as an Online Learning Method"
  • interested in participating in the PhD program of Polytechnico di Torino (POLITO) - guided by Dr. Micaela Demichela (POLITO) and Dr. Georgios Chasparis (SCCH)
  • eager to develop deep reinforcement learning services that robustly predict e.g., anomalies and trends in online and offline industrial processes as well as viable multi-scale spatio-temporal decision models for the distributed optimisation and control of such processes
  • keen on providing critical insights into cause-effect relationships between performance indicators (e.g., product quality and production process sustainability/performance) and the actually applied (agent-based) decisions, resulted from the distributed process optimisation and considering control paths/schemes under diverse process conditions and ranges of uncertainty levels
  • ready to be seconded for 12 months to the Technical University of Dublin (TU Dublin) to work on LIVE LAB 1 and 3 related case studies, and for 6 months to the POLITO to work on LIVE LAB 1 case study. At the TU Dublin, the researcher will closely work with Dr. Maria Chiara Leva


We offer

Besides hiring and co-mentoring the researcher, SCCH leads and contributes to two workshops on "Modeling and Data Analytics for LIVE LAB 2", and contributes to two summer schools on "Data Collection and Modeling Possibilities for Collaborative Intelligence" and "Data Analytics and Machine Learning for CISC".



Learn more about CISC here and find out more about all fourteen open research positions here.

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