Framework for data analysis in the context of the smart villagesv

J. Martinez-Gil, M. Pichler, M. Turkanović, T. Beranič, M. Gradišnik, G. Lentini, A. Lué, A. Colorni Vitale, G. Doukhan, C. Belet. Framework for data analysis in the context of the smart villagesv. pages 31-45, DOI, 9, 2020.

  • Jorge Martinez-Gil
  • Mario Pichler
  • Muhamed Turkanović
  • Tina Beranič
  • Mitja Gradišnik
  • Gianluca Lentini
  • Alessandro Lué
  • Alberto Colorni Vitale
  • Guillaume Doukhan
  • Claire Belet
  • Andrea Kö
  • Enrico Francesconi
  • Gabriele Kotsis
  • A Min Tjoa
  • Ismail Khalil
BuchEGOVIS 2020: Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective
TypIn Konferenzband
SerieLecture Notes in Computer Science

In recent times, the digitalization of urban areas has got considerable attention from the public. As a side effect, there has also been great interest in the digitalization of the rural world or the so-called Smart Villages. Smart Villages refer to the improvement of infrastructure management and planning to fight against depopulation and low population density as well as the cuts and centralization of services supported by digitalization efforts. In this work, we present our research to build a framework for the analysis of data generated around the project Smart Villages, which is a joint effort to digitalize rural areas in the context of the Alpine Space. Our goal is to build a system to help local authorities to pilot a smooth transition into this new concept of the village.