A multi agent system for e-business transactions

W. Agung, I. Khalil Ibrahim. A multi agent system for e-business transactions. pages 157-166, 2000.

  • W. Agung
  • Ismail Khalil Ibrahim
  • F. Soesianto
  • S. Bressan
  • Ismail Khalil Ibrahim
BuchProc. 2nd Int. Workshop on Information and Integration and Web-Based Applications and Services (iiWAS 2000)
TypIn Konferenzband
Abstract These days more and more crucial and commercially valuable information becomes available on the World Wide Web. Financial services companies are making their products increasingly available on the Web. There is now growing interest in using intelligent software agents for a variety of tasks in diverse range of applications: personal assistant, intelligent user interfaces, managing electronic mail, navigating and retrieving information from the Internet and databases, scheduling meetings and manufacturing operations, electronic business, online shopping, negotiating for resources, decision making, design and telecommunications. This paper gives a brief introduction for multi agent system for e-commerce transactions. This agent could combine information from different Web sites (such as a review from one site, a price from another) and use it to make an informed decision and then make negotiate to purchase it.