Addressing client needs for cloud computing using formal foundations

A. Buga, S. Nemes, A. Mashkoor. Addressing client needs for cloud computing using formal foundations. volume 34, pages 264-285, 4, 2018.

  • Andreea Buga
  • Sorana Tania Nemes
  • Atif Mashkoor
BuchModels: Concepts, Theory, Logic, Reasoning, and Semantics - Essays Dedicated to Klaus-Dieter Schewe on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday
TypIn Buch
VerlagCollege Publications

Cloud-enabled large-scale distributed systems orchestrate resources and services from various providers in order to deliver high-quality software solutions to the end users. The space and structure created by such technological advancements are immense sources of information and impose a high complexity and heterogeneity, which might lead to unexpected failures. In this chapter, we present a model that coordinates the multi-cloud interaction through the specification, validation, and verification of a middleware exploiting monitoring and adaptation processes. The monitoring processes handle collecting meaningful data and assessing the state of components, while the adaptation processes restore the system as dictated by the evolution needs and sudden changes in the operating environment conditions. We employ Abstract State Machines to specify the models and we further make use of the ASMETA framework to simulate and validate them. Desired properties of the system are defined and analyzed with the aid of the Computation Tree Logic.