Agile maturity model: Go back to the start of the cycle

M. Biró, M. Korsaa, R. Nevalainen, D. Vohwinkel, T. Schweigert. Agile maturity model: Go back to the start of the cycle. pages 5.9-5.30, 6, 2012.

  • Miklós Biró
  • Morten Korsaa
  • Risto Nevalainen
  • Detlef Vohwinkel
  • Tomas Schweigert
BuchIndustrial Proceedings of 19th EuroSPI2 Conference
TypIn Konferenzband

Long times ago, SPI was based on a bunch of incomparable models. The SPI Community learned in a long run that results of appraisals and assessments need to be comparable. That became true even for the testing community. Discussions between SPI experts and agile evangelists often end up speechless. This Paper tries to help building a bridge between the agile and the SPI world. It also takes into account that there is a critical view on modern software engineering especially argued by some members of the SEMAT group. The bridge building components in this paper are a survey and a collection of recently published Agile Maturity Models. The paper will not present an own Agile Maturity Model. This will be a task for further research but it intends to compile current agile maturity model thinking. The paper is based on actual industrial surveys whose results are analyzed and interpreted in general terms linking them to philosophical issues partly raised in recent initiatives like SPI Manifesto, the ECQA PI Manager Certification and SEMAT.