An approach towards a universal software evaluation scheme

F. Gruber, C. Illibauer. An approach towards a universal software evaluation scheme. 4, 2002.

  • Franz Gruber
  • Christa Illibauer
BuchProc. 2002 Conf. on Empirical Assessment on Software Engineering (EASE 2002)
TypIn Konferenzband
Abstract Introducing new and innovative software solutions requires to be founded on an appropriate underline software and hardware infrastructure. Therefore, nearly every project contains a task comparing and finding "optimal" products on the market. Due to the different requirements in the various projects the design of a universal evaluation procedure is a sophisticated task. However the evaluation step is difficult to plan as from the beginning the project team has little information about the products and the their number does not exist. Furthermore not an exact evaluation (in the mathematical sense) is from interest, but to have an easy-to-use scheme to compare the different competing products.Our approach differs from other papers regarding evaluation in the way that we present a general evaluation scheme, which can be applied to every software evaluation project with the main aspects of ease-of-use and rapid execution. This general evaluation scheme includes mandatory criteria and aspects as well as their weights. We also describe in which manner our evaluation scheme can be adapted to special needs. This approach has the advantage of being customizable and highly flexible according to the specific, different requirements. Another main advantage of our approach is that the whole process can be supported by software. This software includes the administration, the execution, weighting as well as the evaluated products with documentation etc. It also provides the administration of different weightings in one evaluation.