An architecture for a strict-model-view separation in e-commerce applications

E. Althammer, W. Pree. An architecture for a strict-model-view separation in e-commerce applications. 10, 1999.

  • Egbert Althammer
  • Wolfgang Pree
BuchProc. Software Engineering and Applications Conf. (SEA 99)
TypIn Konferenzband
Abstract Through the separation of a model from its visual representation (view) implies well-known benefits, available Java libraries as Swing so far do not sufficiently support this concept. The paper presents a straight-forward way of how to smoothly enhance Java libraries in this direction, independent of the particular graphic user interface (GUI) library: The lean framework JGadgets, which was inspired by the Oberon Gadgets system [1], allows developers to focus on model programming only. This significantly reduces the development costs, in particular in the realm of quite simple, form-based GUIs which are common-place in commercial client-/server-systems.We first present a small case study implemented on top of JGadgets which demonstrates the benfits of a strict model/view separation. The paper goes on to sketch the reflection-based design of JGadgets itself.