Case-based Decision Support for Bridge Monitoring

. Case-based Decision Support for Bridge Monitoring. 7, 2008.

Buchof the 3rd International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology – ICCGI 2008
TypIn Konferenzband
VerlagIEEE Computer Society
Abstract This paper deals with the support of human experts in making decisions in the field of bridge monitoring. Thereby, the methodology Case-based Reasoning is described to develop a Decision Support System for the interpretation of measurement results of bridges. Case-based Reasoning is a cyclic problem solving method whereby already known knowledge about bridges is stored in form of cases. The system uses these cases to help the engineers in interpreting measurement results. Each bridge has different dynamic parameters. Therefore, analysis and interpretation of the raw data is very time-consuming and costintensive. Furthermore, the interpretation by human experts is done in a subjective way because each engineer has different concepts and experience in the interpretation of bridge measurement data. On this account, there is a need for an intelligent Decision Support System to support engineers in interpreting measurement results and making decisions.