Case Based Reasoning Systems for Comparative Assessment

R. Stumptner, B. Freudenthaler, J. Küng, M. Aburahma. Case Based Reasoning Systems for Comparative Assessment. 2010.

  • R. Stumptner
  • Bernhard Freudenthaler
  • J. Küng
  • M. Aburahma
BuchProceedings of the 5th International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management
TypIn Konferenzband

Our infrastructure is affected by aging and environmental influences, which raises the require-ment of regular inspection. Such inspections mainly consist of measurements which are recorded by accelera-tion sensors for instance. Due to the fact that more and more measurements are taken from numerous different buildings, (manual) analysis became a burden for many Structural Health Monitoring engineers. To provide computer aid to experts for interpreting measurements, a Case-based Decision Support System is introduced in this contribution. First experiments carried out on measurements from simple structures promise good per-formance and suitability. This contribution concentrates on the discussion of applying computer aid and CBR in particular to Structural Health Monitoring Processes and introduces an approach to monitor the perform-ance of the system.