Concept, implementation and evaluation of a software cockpit

S. Larndorfer. Concept, implementation and evaluation of a software cockpit. 6, 2009.

  • Stefan Larndorfer
Abstract What is the degree of completion of current work packages in this iteration? Is the team on track? How accurate are effort estimates compared to actual efforts? Software cockpits (also known as software project control centers) provide systematic support for answering such questions. Therefore, like a cockpit in an aircraft, software cockpits integrate and visualize accurate and timely information from various data sources for operative and strategic decision making. Important aspects are to track progress, to visualize team activities, and to provide transparency about the status of a project. In this thesis the young topic of software cockpits in software engineering environments is investigated. This is done with a discussion on existing software cockpit approaches and a presentation of fundamental related topics like software measurement, the Goal-Question-Metric approach, measurement dysfunction and information dashboard design. Based on these findings, an architecture and implementation of a software cockpit is presented. The work is concluded by an empiric evaluation within a leading Austrian software development company that makes use of the proposed software cockpit.