Ein Konfigurationseditor für SCA

M. Brandl. Ein Konfigurationseditor für SCA. 2007.

  • Michael Brandl
Abstract Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a way to integrate heterogeneous and distributed software-systems with the use of standardized services. A current approach for SOA is the Service Component Architecture (SCA). This diploma thesis describes a configuration editor for SCA-based applications. The editor is based on the Service Component Model (SCM), a common component model for service-oriented and component-based software architectures, which has been developed at the Department of Business Informatics – Software Engineering at the Johannes Kepler University. The thesis consists of two main parts. In the first part, basic principles and terms of serviceoriented and component-based software development as well as basic concepts of SCA and SCM are described. In the second main part, the two models are compared to each other to find similarities and differences. The comparison is the basis for mapping SCA model elements to SCM elements, which is described afterwards. Finally, the functionality as well as selected aspects of the implementation of the configuration editor are presented.