Embedded adaptive machine translation environments

W. Winiwarter. Embedded adaptive machine translation environments. ÖGAI Journal, volume 20, number 1, pages 15-21, 2001.

  • Werner Winiwarter
JournalÖGAI Journal
Abstract In this paper we present a machine translation environment for the automatic translation from Japanese into German. An important point regarding its implementation is that it is completely embedded in the widely used spreadsheet program Excel to ensure its easy use by any potential user. The complete lexical data as well as all transfer rules are clearly arranged on worksheets to make it possibly for the user to adapt the translation process freely. We do not only output translations but we also provide intermediate results such as transcriptions, token lists, or syntax trees. This makes our environment not only useful for users who are merely interested in the content of a document but even more for the application to computer-assisted language learning.