Enabling contextual services in wireless context area networks

M. Pichler. Enabling contextual services in wireless context area networks. pages 111-117, 4, 2004.

  • Mario Pichler
BuchProc. 2nd Int. Conf. on Pervasive Computing (Pervasive 2004), Doctoral Colloquium
TypIn Konferenzband
VerlagAustrian Computer Society
Abstract This paper describes the idea of subdividing the real world into areas that represent aspecific context, like railway stations, airports, sport stadiums, concert halls etc., and toprovide mobile people therein with services that are context specific. The suitability ofthe Open Services Gateway initiative (OSGi) Service Platform and Multi-User PublishingEnvironment (MUPE) Application Platform for the realization of contextual services isinvestigated. The motivation for this dissertation project, its current status, and plannedfurther work are illustrated.