Enhancing ISO/IEC 15288 with reuse and product management: An add-on process reference model

F. Stallinger, R. Neumann. Enhancing ISO/IEC 15288 with reuse and product management: An add-on process reference model. Computer Standards & Interfaces, Special Issue on EuroSPI 2012, volume 36, number 1, pages 21-32, 8, 2013.

  • Friedrich Stallinger
  • Robert Neumann
JournalComputer Standards & Interfaces, Special Issue on EuroSPI 2012

Systems are traditionally developed within project-oriented contexts, generally facing high cost and productivity pressure, increasing complexity, and ever demanding customers. The transformation of the systems engineering business from this project-based development of highly customer-specific solutions to the customization and reuse of ‘system products’ is thus judged highly rewarding. In order to support this transformation, we build on the results of two research strands: firstly, the development of an ISO/IEC 15504 conformant process reference model for industrial engineering as a specialization of systems engineering based on the integration of the key concepts of reuse and product-oriented engineering of industrial systems and its comparison against ISO/IEC 15288 on systems life cycle processes; secondly, the development of a process reference model extending ISO/IEC 12207 on software life cycle processes with the concepts of reuse and integrated software and system level product management. – The objective of the research presented here is to synthesize the key process elements of both research strands in order to enhance the international standard ISO/IEC 15288 on system life cycle processes with product- and reuse-oriented engineering and product management practices in order to serve as an integrated, consolidated, and standard conformant reference framework for process assessment and improvement in systems engineering contexts in which systems are developed and evolved as products.