Evaluation of intelligent component technologies for VoiceXML applications

M. Mittendorfer, G. Nikfeld, W. Winiwarter. Evaluation of intelligent component technologies for VoiceXML applications. number SCCH-TR-0157, 2001.

  • Markus Mittendorfer
  • Georg Nikfeld
  • Werner Winiwarter
TypTechnischer Bericht
Abstract VoiceXML offers the prospect of a streamlined deployment process of voice-interfaces for commercial applications, similar to the ease of web development. This in turn promises increased dynamism in the field of speech and language research. The aim of this work is to investigate opportunities and constraints for the integration of intelligent component technologies into VoiceXML-based systems: candidate tasks to be treated by such components include natural language understanding, natural language generation, multilinguality and natural language interfaces to applications and databases. What role will these fields originating from AI research play in the VoiceXML environment?