Evaluation of software distribution products

W. Stockner. Evaluation of software distribution products. number SCCH-TR-0146, 2001.

  • Wolfgang Stockner
TypTechnischer Bericht
Abstract The distribution and deployment of software, new versions, patches, or updates to a large number of clients is still a challenging and complex issue for many software producers with respect to consistency, time-to-market, effort, and logistics. The traditional way of storing the software on CDs, distributing it to the consumers, and installing it or supporting the installation locally is cumbersome, costly and little efficient. Lately, software is increasingly distributed as digital product downloadable from the Internet. Furthermore, as new updates are available, the companies notify their customers to download the new software or update. This significantly reduces the costs for logistics because only little effort for software distribution is necessary. In this paper we evaluated several existing software distribution products by applying several criteria. Furthermore, we identified strengths and weaknesses of the evaluated products.