Grafisches Werkzeug zur Fernanalyse einer Maschinensteuerung

G. Leonhartsberger. Grafisches Werkzeug zur Fernanalyse einer Maschinensteuerung. 2001.

  • Gerhard Leonhartsberger
Abstract There are new possibilities for remote analysis and remote maintenance when a programmable logical control (PLC) is part of the Internet. The production process of a production machine can be stopped and modified to produce different products remotely. The necessary PLC program is installed via network. Putting into operation, analysis and maintenance of PLCs are done in the office. There is a need for a new computer-application. Several user groups might be using this computer-application. They are the service stuff and company electricians, the de-velopers and the operators. The presentation of the PLC’s information is adequate for each user group. Each user group has different input devices to control the computer-application. The core work of this thesis is a concept to design a computer-application capable of using several user interfaces to support different input devices. A developed framework – called Style Framework – supports developers to create computer-applications that are controlled with different input devices. The Style-Framework offers already support for mouse, keyboard and touch-screens. Further topics of this work are guidelines for common user interfaces and specific guidelines for touch-screen stations. An introduction to internationalization and how internationalization is done in the Style-Framework are also part of this work.