IMG-S – EARTO Joint Position Paper on Resilience in Security Research

J. Irujo, A. Bialas, M. Bimpas, M. Biró, G. Canet, V. Cuomo, L. Atucha, J. Główka, C. Goodchild, S. Iacob, A. Heikkilä, D. Hiller, M. Kowalski, A. Krukowski, I. Linde-Frech, I. Linde-Frech, M. Manso, F. Soldovieri. IMG-S – EARTO Joint Position Paper on Resilience in Security Research. pages, 3, 2017.

  • Juan Arraiza Irujo
  • Andrzej Bialas
  • Matthaios Bimpas
  • Miklós Biró
  • Géraud Canet
  • Vincenzo Cuomo
  • Luis Emaldi Atucha
  • Jakub Główka
  • Clive Goodchild
  • Sorin Iacob
  • Anna-Mari Heikkilä
  • Daniel Hiller
  • Marcin Kowalski
  • Artur Krukowski
  • Isabelle Linde-Frech
  • Isabelle Linde-Frech
  • Marco Manso
  • Francesco Soldovieri

This document is published by the Integrated Mission Group for Security (IMG-S) and the Security Research Group (SRG) of the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) as a joint position paper on Resilience in Security Research, being in line with the objectives of the H2020 Secure Society Work Programme and other relevant actions and initiatives in the sector, taking into account the need to link security research to capacity planning and capability insertion for resilience.