Key questions in building defect prediction models in practice

R. Ramler, K. Wolfmaier, E. Stauder, F. Kossak, T. Natschläger. Key questions in building defect prediction models in practice. volume 32, pages 14-27, 6, 2009.

  • Rudolf Ramler
  • Klaus Wolfmaier
  • Erwin Stauder
  • Felix Kossak
  • Thomas Natschläger
  • F. Bomarius
  • M. Oivo
  • P. Jaring
  • P. Abrahamsson
BuchKey Questions in Building Defect Prediction Models in Practice - Proceedings 10th International Confercne PROFES 2009
TypIn Konferenzband
VerlagSpringer Berlin Heidelberg
SerieLecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Notenominated as best paper
Abstract The information about which modules of a future version of a software system are defect-prone is a valuable planning aid for quality managers and testers. Defect prediction promises to indicate these defect-prone modules. However, constructing effective defect prediction models in an industrial setting involves a number of key questions. In this paper we discuss ten key questions identified in context of establishing defect prediction in a large software development project. Seven consecutive versions of the software system have been used to construct and validate defect prediction models for system test planning. Furthermore, the paper presents initial empirical results from the studied project and, by this means, contributes answers to the identified questions.