Lean product line architecture for e-commerce applications

W. Pree. Lean product line architecture for e-commerce applications. 2000.

  • Wolfgang Pree
  • L. Barroca
  • J. Hall
  • P. Hall
BuchSoftware Architectures: Advances and Applications
TypIn Sammelband
Abstract The chapter describes the context and software engineering issues of a technology migration project: Significant parts of a conventional client-/server-system have been replaced by a set of lean product line architectures implemented in Java. The application of framework and Java technology led to a better modularization and to improve component reuse. Experience has proven that the focus on small frameworks, called framelets, and partially self-configuring components form a key factor for rearchitecturing this type of legacy systems. A brief discussion of project management aspects and an evaluation of the applied Java technology rounds out the contribution.