Model-based testing of configurable software systems

L. Standfest. Model-based testing of configurable software systems. 7, 2019.

  • Lukas Standfest

The following work is going to show how to use a model-based testing approach for automatically testing configurable Web Applications. This is done by developing a test model for the Web Application Bugzilla. This model is then translated into Java code. A model-based testing tool, called OSMO MBT Tool generates a test suite by traversing the model. This test suite then is executed against Bugzilla. The Java code uses Selenium WebDriver in order to be able to interact with the Application’s UI.

As Bugzilla is configurable this work is going to make adaptions to the previously developed model in order to make the model work for each possible configuration. This is done by adding transitions that represent the different behaviour of the system when configuration options are activated or deactivated. These transitions are turned off and on as needed. After that we are going to evaluate this approach and will discuss our experiences with model-based testing, test automation and automated UI testing.