Prozesse zur Unterstützung der Wiederverwendung in der Software-Entwicklung

H. Walch. Prozesse zur Unterstützung der Wiederverwendung in der Software-Entwicklung. 2000.

  • Harald Walch
Abstract The area of software reuse has been a relevant topic since the late 1960s.At first it was just limited to source code, but with the introductionof object-oriented programming and component technologies, software reuseat a higher level became more important. The need to reuse all kinds ofartifacts produced in software development is often mentioned, but mostprocesses and tool-supported solutions are still focused on artifacts likesource code and binary components. However, a more general reuse approachwill lead to higher productivity, increased quality, and faster development.Currently, there are no processes or tools available to support reuse ofall kinds of artifacts.It is the aim of this diploma thesis to integrate planned and structuredreuse in all phases of the software development process at Huber Computer.Therefore, a complete reuse infrastructure is needed and two processesare developed to support reuse. The process Development-WITH-Reusefocuses on the search for existing artifacts and facilitates a documentedreuse. The process Development-FOR-Reuse deals with the aspectsof producing new reusable artifacts.A reuse repository puts these processes into practice. It consists ofthree parts: a scheme, a data store, and a set of tools. The schemedescribes how all the meta data of reusable artifacts are organized. Thedata store contains the actual meta data. The tools handle the activitiessuggested by the reuse processes. A component-based tool prototype showsthat Microsoft Repository can be used as a data access layer on top ofthe actual data store. It was a precondition of Huber Computer to use MicrosoftRepository.The development of reuse processes and a reuse repository has many benefits.It helps developers to find reusable artifacts, like source code or testdocuments, even in very early stages of a project. Furthermore, the reuserepository serves as a company-wide knowledge base as well.The developed tools, after some further implementation work, are intendedto become a commercial product.