Qualitative evaluation of mechatronic products: An industry validation case study

F. Stallinger, R. Neumann, W. Simunek, B. Böhm, A. Köhlein. Qualitative evaluation of mechatronic products: An industry validation case study. volume 3, pages 804-811, 9, 2012.

  • Friedrich Stallinger
  • Robert Neumann
  • W. Simunek
  • B. Böhm
  • A. Köhlein
BuchProceedings of the 13th Mechatronics Forum International Conference (Mechatronics 2012)
TypIn Konferenzband
Abstract The seamless integration of engineering activities across disciplines and throughout the engineering life cycle is key for achieving optimal results in mechatronic engineering. An approach to support this integration is to foster the concept of 'Mechatronic Objects' (MO), i.e. a single, logical container for all relevant information and data generated throughout the life cycle of a mechatronic component or product. For characterizing and evaluating such MOs, a criteria catalog for the qualitative evaluation of mechatronic engineering artifacts has been developed with the goal of supporting the comparison and improvement of MOs and helping to identify directions for engineering improvements. The paper summarizes the results and insights gained from applying this criteria catalog in a real-world case study to a linear feeding system in the high-performance automation domain. The focus is on providing an overview of the criteria, presenting the evaluation results and rationales, discussing the maturity of the applied method and its value from the involved company’s point of view, and on identifying the major insights for further enhancement of the evaluation methodology.