Software Analytics and Evolution Team Report 2017

G. Buchgeher, M. Cuénez, G. Czech, B. Dorninger, M. Exler, M. Moser, M. Pfeiffer, J. Pichler. Software Analytics and Evolution Team Report 2017. number SCCH-TR-18040, 5, 2018.

  • Georg Buchgeher
  • Michael Cuénez
  • Gerald Czech
  • Bernhard Dorninger
  • Markus Exler
  • Michael Moser
  • Michael Pfeiffer
  • Josef Pichler
TypTechnischer Bericht

The SCCH research focus Software Analytics and Evolution (SAE) is researching methods and tools for the development and evolution of software-intensive systems that meet increasing demand for user-friendliness. Furthermore, SAE addresses software quality assurance by systematic testing (e.g., test automation, test case generation, compositional testing), static code analysis, and automated documentation generation, particularly addressing highly configurable software systems, e.g., product lines.

Typical applications are maintenance and evolution of both legacy IT systems and software systems based on upcoming software development approaches (e.g. behaviour driven development, service-oriented architecture, micro-services and AI based tools and systems) as well as the development of software-intensive industrial applications.

This report introduces into research projects and research topics with respect to software analysis, organized into Static Code Analysis, Reverse Engineering and Reengineering, and Documentation Generation.