State of the art in model-driven development of user interfaces

M. Moser. State of the art in model-driven development of user interfaces. number SCCH-TR-1024, 6, 2010.

  • Michael Moser
TypTechnischer Bericht
Abstract Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) and related efforts have its well established place within the software engineering community. With continuing research interest and industrial adoption MDE turns towards the development of User Interfaces (UI). Arguments for using a model-driven UI development (MD-UID) approach are manifold and include reusability, consistency, traceability, and automatic verification. Models representing structural, functional or navigational aspects of interfaces have always been part of the UI development process. These semantically rich models are now integrated in a model-driven development process. This report presents current research efforts in this specific field of model-driven engineering and outlines challenges and main criticisms.