XML-based OLAP query processing in federated data warehouses

O. Mangisengi, W. Essmayr, J. Huber, E. Weippl. XML-based OLAP query processing in federated data warehouses. pages 93-100, 2004.

  • Oscar Mangisengi
  • Wolfgang Essmayr
  • Johannes Huber
  • Edgar Weippl
  • O. Camp
  • J. Filipe
  • S. Hammoudi
  • M. Piattini
BuchEnterprise Information Systems V
TypIn Sammelband
VerlagKluwer Academic Publishers
Abstract Today, XML is the format of choice to implement interoperability between systems. This paper addresses the XML-based query processing for heterogeneous OLAP data warehouses in a federated architecture. In our approach, XML, as an intermediary representation, can be used as a basis for federated queries and queries for local OLAP data warehouses, whereas XML DTD can be used for query language definition and validation of a XML federated query.