A script-based testbed for mobile software frameworks

W. Hargassner, T. Hofer, C. Klammer, J. Pichler, G. Reisinger. A script-based testbed for mobile software frameworks. pages 448-457, 4, 2008.

  • Walter Hargassner
  • Thomas Hofer
  • Claus Klammer
  • Josef Pichler
  • Gernot Reisinger
BuchProceedings First International Conference on Software Testing, Verification, and Validation
TypIn Konferenzband

Software testing is essential and takes a large part of resources during software development. This motivates automating software testing as far as possible. Frameworks for automating unit testing are approved and applied for a plethora of programming languages to write tests for small units in the same programming language. Both constraints, unit size and programming language, inhibit automation of software testing in domain of mobile software frameworks. This circumstance has motivated the development of a new testbed for a framework in the domain of mobile systems. In this paper, we describe requirements and challenges in testing mobile software frameworks in general and present a novel testbed for the APOXI framework that addresses these requirements. The main ideas behind this testbed are the usage of a scripting language to specify test cases and to incorporate domain-specific aspects on the language level. The testbed facilitates component and system testing but can be used for unit testing as well.