Dynamic Workflows: State of the Art

J. Huber, T. Ziebermayr. Dynamic Workflows: State of the Art. 7, 2011.

  • Johannes Huber
  • Thomas Ziebermayr
TypTechnischer Bericht

Day to day business consists of business processes which consists of the required tasks to process the business. Awareness about these processes help on the one hand to understand how to optimize them but also allow implementing software that supports the daily work. Research already addresses issues concerning business process support since a long time and products that help to define, implement and execute business processes are also available. But in practice in a lot of cases strictly following processes is not possible or at least not accepted by employees. Therefore business software should allow dynamic changes and adaptions to business processes. This topic has also been addressed in research since a long time. Products are only available for a short time. Nevertheless systems that support dynamic changes have not been established in industry on a broad basis until now. This document investigates the basics of dynamic business processes and workflows. It provides an overview of available implementations and briefly describes how to utilize them for dynamic business software.