Accurate and Efficient Knowledge Based Profile Matching


The exact matching of job applicants with job offers and vice versa is of central importance in human resources for both employers and job seekers. Therefore, the ACEPROM project provides data and knowledge bases in which job offers and CVs of job seekers can be stored. Employers can thus efficiently and effectively find the best candidates for a job offer or provide the best possible job offers for jobseekers.

In addition, the system which will be developed can be used from training and further education institutions to carry out GAP analyses. In this way, it is possible to identify the most sought-after training opportunities that can improve jobseekers' skills in terms of available positions. Finally, all queries can be used to support global matchings to find the optimal assignment of jobseekers with available jobs, which is important for independent employment agencies (e.g. to reduce unemployment).

In summary, the overall goal of the ACEPROM project is to deliver solid, fundamental results that enable accurate matching of applicant profiles and job offer requirements. It also supports the efficient and effective evaluation of matching queries, GAP analysis and global matching optimization.

Project Data

Duration: 01.01.2014 - 30.06.2016
Budget: ca. 387.000 € total costs and ca. 290.000 € funding contribution
Partners: Software Competence Center Hagenberg (coordinator), OntoJob GmbH, 3s Unternehmensberatung GmbH
Funding partner: FFG, Bridge - 17th Call


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Pichler Mario

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