Chemical Systems Engineering


The Process industry is a key player within the value chains of multiple industry sectors. These value chains are based on highly interconnected production chains, which are technically and economically aligned by the customer requirements and regulatory frameworks. Within these production chains a significant amount of processes is embedded into interrelated chemical systems. These chemical systems face increasingly demanding industrial drivers like decarburisation, enhanced process flexibility, improved product quality and increasing demands in Health Safety & Environment. These drivers result in a cross industrial change request, which shall be enabled by new solutions, approaches and technologies, such as Digitalisation. Joint efforts are required to effectively address the underlying fundamental technological questions of transnational value chains.

The new competence Centre Chemical Systems Engineering (CHASE) will develop and apply beyond state of the art generic scientific methods and tools to meet carefully selected industrial needs at three levels of the manufacturing processes: starting materials, production processes, and process data.

CHASE comprises three research areas

  1. Process Digitalisation,
  2. Process Intensification, and
  3. Circular Process Streams.

CHASE is located at the JKU campus in Linz and sites of TUW in Vienna. This decentralized concept will provide access for the centre to existing research facilities of university partners with highly specialised state of the art competence, research equipment and scientific methods, and it will enable the Centre set up own R&D capacities in a mid- and long-term.

Funding Partner

This project is subsidized in the frame of COMET – Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies by BMVIT, BMDW, States of Upper Austria and Vienna and its scientific partners. The COMET program is handled by FFG.


Ramin Nikzad-Langerodi

Nikzad-Langerodi Ramin

Researcher Data Analysis Systems
Phone: +43 50 343 853

Bernhard Freudenthaler

Freudenthaler Bernhard

Area Manager Data Science
Phone: +43 50 343 850