Some of our projects in DAS:

Strategic COMET-Project stratDL (2019-2022)

Strategic Research on Fundamentals of Deep Learning Applications

COMET-Project Sebista (2019-2022)

Secure Big Stream Data Processing

COMET-Project SmartDD (2019-2022)

Smart Data Discovery

COMET-Project FDI (2019-2022)

Machine Learning Based Fault Detection and Identification

COMET-Project Deepred (2019-2022)

Deep Learning based Predictive Analytics and Optimization


AI-based optimization in production

In this Interreg project, a cross-border competence network for AI-based optimization in industrial manufacturing will be established.


Privacy Preserving Machine Learning for Industrial Applications

This project addresses the aforementioned problems by using privacy preserving deep learning methods for collaboratively building global models using distributed datasets such that each dataset is privately owned by a party.


Security and Safety for Shared Artificial Intelligence

S3AI will lay the foundations for building secure collaborative artificial intelligence systems. The focus is on methods to ensure privacy, protection against hostile attacks and guarantees for the intended performance of the system.


Cognitive Platform to Enhance 360º Performance and Sustainability of the European Process Industry

COGNIPLANT will demonstrate an innovative approach for the advanced digitalisation and intelligent management of the process industries.


Chemical Systems Engineering

CHASE is a COMET centre for Chemical Systems Engineering and is located at Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) and Technical University Vienna (TU Wien). SCCH is a scientific partner.


Securing Medical Data in Smart Patient-Centric Healthcare Systems

The SERUMS Project is an EU Horizon 2020 research project which deals with enhancing security and privacy of future-generation healthcare systems, putting patients at the centre of future healthcare provision, enhancing their personal care and maximising the quality of treatment they receive.


Large-scale use of prosumer flexibility in short-term electricity markets, taking into account prosumer interests

Various concepts are developed in the project and tested in large-scale real world operation in order to enable economic use of flexibility of remotely controllable prosumer components such as heat pumps, boilers, PV storage systems and e-mobility for selected system services, such as marketing in spot and control energy markets and minimisation of balancing energy.

Smart Villages

Smart digital transformation of villages in the Alpine Space

Alpine space rural communities are deprived of highly needed jobs, good provision of services as well as a favourable climate for enterprenuership and social innovation, which result in a brain drain. Digitalization is a promising approach to counter the situation. A smart village approach for mountain areas could unlock the potential of local actors to make their region a more attractive place to live and work.


Automated fault detection, diagnosis and prediction through robust learning algorithms

The aim of the project is to investigate the scientific and technical basis for the detection, diagnosis and prediction of faults in technical systems. In particular, the research of robust learning algorithms will be used to create the basis for a software platform that can be used as generally as possible to analyze the state of technical systems.

Flagship Project IoT4CPS

Trustworthy IoT for CPS

IoT4CPS will develop guidelines, methods and tools to enable safe and secure IoT-based applications for automated driving and for smart production. The project will address safety and security aspects in a holistic approach both along the specific value chains and the product life cycles.


Data Usage in PV Networks: Smart Analyses & Forecasts, their Application Scenarios and Development of Business Models

The weather-dependent fluctuation of PV production is a major challenge for end customers, electricity traders and distribution grid operators who optimize their own consumption. Through the combined use of data from networks of PV systems, weather stations and Sky Cams as well as satellite data, this project will create the basis for new analyses and forecasting methods (e. g. improved PV short term forecasting).


Development of a decentralized small-scale storage network to compensate for schedule deviations

The project aims to develop a concept for a decentralised battery storage network in order to be able to use publicly funded solar power storage facilities in households to compensate for deviations from the timetable in balance groups - but also for other grid and system useful applications.


Electricity Storage Management

The aim of this project is to develop an adaptive scheduling controller which integrates user input, weather- and load forecast as well as a robustness against uncertainties. Key is a robust optimisation which will dynamically optimise the scheduling controller according to its inputs.


Refactoring Parallel Heterogeneous Applications

The RePhrase project aims to produce new software engineering tools, techniques and methodologies for developing data-intensive applications in C++, targeting heterogeneous multicore/manycore systems that combine CPUs and GPUs into a coherent parallel platform.


Intelligent Fault Prognosis Systems for Anticipative Maintenance Strategies

The aim of this research project is to create improved prediction models as a basis for anticipatory maintenance strategies by combining knowledge and data-based approaches.

Smart Maintenance

Resource Intelligent Maintenance Strategy for the Production of the Future

The aim of this research project - funded by the FFG - is to create an improved basis for maintenance strategy decisions. Maintenance costs are to be reduced while plant availability is to be further increased.


Industrial Methods for Process Analytical Chemistry

In the K-project "imPACts" process-analytical measuring techniques are realized. The generated measured values are then to be used for the optimization of process modelling and are to be transferred to the process control systems for self-sufficient, autonomous control and optimization of the production processes.


Accurate and Efficient Knowledge Based Profile Matching

The overall goal of the ACEPROM project is to deliver solid, fundamental results that enable accurate matching of applicant profiles and job offer requirements.


Optimization of tourism investment decisions based on valid demand analysis by integrating social media and web data

The objectives of the project are: a) to determine the importance of digital media in the choice of holidays, b) to identify new factors influencing tourist decisions of these channels and c) to identify and evaluate possibilities for the optimized use of these channels to influence tourism professionals in tourist decisions.


Integrated Dynamic Decision Support System Component for Disaster Management Systems

Decision support system for disaster control, which 1) can react quickly and dynamically to changing situations during disaster events and 2) supports new disaster situations.


Increased energy efficiency in energy management in buildings through refined process modeling and optimization strategies

Energy management system for small buildings, which optimally controls the interaction between energy producer (e.g. PV) and consumer in order to use the existing energy sources as energy-efficiently as possible.

Strategic COMET project dasRES (2015-2018)

Strategic Research on Industrial Data Analysis Systems

The aim of this strategic project is to provide fundamental methodological building blocks necessary for robust, efficient, comprehensive and interpretable modelling and analysis of data.

COMET project daSEM (2015-2018)

Automated (Big) Data Engineering, Processing and Semantic Models

Design and development of computational techniques and tools for deriving implicit knowledge from information by means of automated (big) data engineering.

COMET project proKNOW (2015-2018)

Discovery of Knowledge and Structure in Industrial Processes

Development of approaches for automated knowledge extraction and structure learning for novel industrial use cases.

COMET project inFADIA (2015-2018)

Industrial Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis

Detection and isolation (e.g. location and classification) of fault events in large industrial environments.

COMET project moFOCS (2015-2018)

Modelling, Prognosis, Forecast and Control of Systems

Prediction and optimization of process and product parameters in the area of industrial manufacturing.