On this page you will find all the information you need to join the COMET Competence Center SCCH as a company partner. First of all, an overview. In the following information sheet you will find the most important points about COMET at SCCH:

The path to partnership

For a concrete start you need:

  • Rough definition (1-2 pages) of a project.
    To fulfil the multi-company criterion (multi-firm), another company with similar research interests can be proposed (e.g. joint research base, with different characteristics or several companies along the value chain). If required, SCCH can also bring companies together.
  • SCCH decides whether the project proposal meets COMET-K1 criteria and in which category the project is to be classified.
  • Signing of the contracts and joining the group of company partners. The declaration of accession to the agreement is required first. The other partners are then informed. If there is no justified objection, you will receive the countersigned declaration of accession. The bilateral cooperation agreement can then be signed.
  • Then the project can begin. Since it is not necessary to apply for each project individually in the COMET program, nothing stands in the way of a quick start.


  • All company partners are organized in an association of partner companies, which is also co-owner of Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH. New business partners are required to join the association ( one-time membership fee 3,200 euros).
  • Furthermore, it is necessary to register in the electronic registration system (eCall) of the funding agency FFG.
  • If in-kind services are provided, they must also be recorded in eCall at the end of the calendar year. You can also avoid this effort by authorizing SCCH to make these entries.



The agreement forms the legal framework for all partners. It consists of a relatively short document (approx. 30 pages) with several annexes. The annexes contain the funding contract and other basic documents as well as the research program. The most important parts are: the rights to the results in 3.7, the project categories in Annex 3 and the hourly rates in Annex 7.

The Agreement is made in German. In the following you find a translated version in English. In cases of unclear formulation the German version is the decisive document.

The original documents in German can be found below.


The Agreement itself is only signed by SCCH. All other partners join the agreement with a Declaration of Accession. This defines the area of interest that is important for the rights. Below is the template for the Declaration of Accession:


When a concrete project is planned, a Cooperation Agreement is signed. This Cooperation Agreement is very short and contains 2 annexes. The contributions are defined in Appendix 1 and the hourly rates for the employees involved are defined in Appendix 2. Below you will find a template for the Cooperation Agreement:

Cooperation Agreement_Company_2019-2022.pdf (458.6 KByte)